The Magic Window

SophieSophie is a dog that is wound a little tight.  She’s very nervous and barks at every little noise she hears.  She feels as though she needs to be in the middle of everything but can be so noisy that she often is left behind when those little trips happen.  I just don’t want to listen to her barking.

One of the things that sends her into a crazed state is what we refer to as the “magic window”.  Cait believes that is what all dogs think of drive up windows at fast food places.  They know that you drive up and a person hands you food, usually french fries which is a special weakness for all dogs and children.  Sophie starts barking as soon as we approach the magic window and it escalates when she sees the person behind the glass.  It doesn’t matter that there’s food.  At least that is what I thought until today.

Once a week I go to the drive up window at my bank.  It’s a very small bank in what seems like the middle of nowhere.  Every time we go the teller gives me cookies for the dogs.  We just started going to this bank about a month ago and it is on the way to Rowe so Sophie is always sitting in the front seat next to me. The first time we stopped she lost her mind when the teller appeared in the window.  She opened the drawer and there were two milkbones in it.  I gave one to Sophie and one to Chester.  The teller gave me two more with the receipts.  Sophie stopped barking.

Since that time Sophie has not barked once when we’ve gone to that drive through.  This seems to be somewhat of a miracle to me.  Maybe it’s not just the cookies, maybe it’s the teller. All I know is this is the only window I’ve found that is truly magic.

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