New View

130502 Back Forty Pond


I took a walk yesterday out through the woodlot.  It’s been dry this spring so I was able to get to it without the use of waders.  This is the second year we haven’t had beavers on the property although their handywork is ever present.  Without them there their ponds get a little smaller, their paths are beginning to grow in.  They had a pretty extensive network that is now being slowly reabsorbed into the earth.

I walked along one of the boundary walls so I could see how extensive this pond was.  I could only see the marsh reeds from the house and once the leaves are on the trees the only notion you have that it’s there are the birds.  Different birds live around these little ponds, that’s why I love having them here.  I had thought I could see a beaver house from the other side of this pond but as I discovered in my little hike there wasn’t one.  This must have just been another one of their engineering projects while they lived in the pond behind Hoover Damn.

The best part about this little hike was the view – I’ve never seen the house from this vantage point.  Timing is everything, once the leaves come out there really won’t be a view of the buildings, at least not this clear a one. So what started out as a walk in the woods on a glorious spring day had the added benefits of a beautiful new photograph, a renewed sense of well being and 2 really muddy dogs.

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