Weaving Wednesday 4

Today should really be textile Wednesday.  On Saturday THIS was delivered to the house.

130407 Hale WheelI am excited beyond words.  This wheel is amazing, so well balanced.  It probably took me all of 10 minutes to adjust and then I just was spinning away.  This is truly a beauty. The funniest part about getting this wheel was how much Bill complained when I told him I was getting it.  He whined about another large piece of equipment coming into the house and where the heck were we going to put it?  He was with Russell gathering sap when it arrived so he didn’t see it until it was all set up and going.  His reaction when he saw it was “Wow, that’s awesome, it looks like it belongs here!”  So instead of it being relegated to another room it may have a home right where it is (unless we have a fire).

Pam drove to Rowe to go through my loom and make some minor adjustments so I could actually weave on it.  I started dressing it on Sunday but didn’t have enough time to finish, possibly tonight I will be able to throw a shuttle and see how it all goes.  I do love putting on a warp though, I love the counting and focus it requires.  It relaxes me. The bonus is how beautiful it is every step of the way.

130407 Dressing LoomThis is an extra warp I wound in class for the twill towels.  I may play with this a bit rather than making just four more towels (although these towels would probably have fewer mistakes).  Perfectionism is such a curse. I love the twill stripes on these and the cotton has such a nice sheen.

130409 End of Summer & WinterI went to weaving an hour early last night and was able to finish my summer and winter experiment.  I ended up weaving a little over 30 inches in the green and white.  I’ll post a photo of it finished once it is.  It really is quite beautiful.  The photograph just doesn’t do it justice, it’s such a wonderful moss green.  Next week I will be warping a 36″ loom for an overshot throw in wool – very excited about this one.  Now to shop for just the perfect yarn and color!


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