Sophie’s Multiple Personalities

130401 Sophie & Chester


When we got Chester it became clear right from the beginning that Sophie did NOT like him, not one little bit.  They initially had a huge fight over food where Chester bit and pierced her ear.  It had to hurt but Sophie is such a drama queen that you would have thought she was near death.  As the months went on she would continue to attack him for no reason (at least that we could see).  I then started taking just her and Chester to Rowe during the week and they seem to have bonded.  We’ve had Chester for a year and a half now and Sophie is tolerating him and at times will even play with him.  Monday we were driving from Rowe to Enfield and this is what I saw in the back seat.  Since it was April 1st I’m thinking this was some sort of joke.

2 thoughts on “Sophie’s Multiple Personalities

  1. love it. We got a puppy when our older (and generally crabby) male dog was 11. it’s taken 2 years of her relentless attention and steadfast refusal to avoid him but now they lay together touching and follow each other around like buddies. Our hearts melt every time we catch them in action. It’s only going to get better for Chester and Sophie.

  2. omg i love this picture…it’s sooo cute!! I think it’s kind of hilarious though, seeing how much she hated him before haha it makes me feel a bit better about when Buddy leaves us (::tears::) that she is starting to have a connection with Chester. It might make it a little less traumatic and difficult for the Dups….not me, of course. LOL

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