A Whole Different World



When I got up this morning this is what I saw looking out of an upstairs bedroom window.  Pictures sometimes don’t do justice to the reality.  It was stunningly beautiful out (and quite warm as well).




I took another photo from the living room window – the snow bank is what is up over the windows.  I didn’t think we were going to see that this year, I was wrong.  It will be months before I can go out the patio door.




It was so nice out that I decided to put on the snowshoes and walk down to the back forty before I left to go back to Enfield.  I swear Chester intentionally photo bombs every picture I take.  He’s like that, it’s all about him.




This is the second time this winter I’ve seen this.  I always count those days as special because the beauty is extraordinary.  These are also the days that are so peaceful and quiet.  Nothing but bird song.  The songs are changing now.  It’s beginning to sound like spring even with all of this snow the birds are coming back.




Looking back at the outbuildings the snow makes everything look so clean, fresh.




We all enjoyed our little trek out back, breathing the fresh air and listening to the birds.  I got into my car and by the time I’d reached Route 2 in Charlemont the world had changed.  It looked more like spring there, with much less snow.  By the time I got to Enfield it was a whole different world.  Nothing but mud and puddles.  This time of year it amazes me the difference in two places that are really not that far away from each other.  This is when I remember that the growing season in Enfield starts 3 weeks earlier than it does in Rowe.  As much as I like spring I have to say I’ll take a snowy morning like this morning’s any day.

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