Folding Cranes



My new year’s resolution for 2012 was to fold 1,000 cranes.  I once met a kid, a little girl about 10 that had folded 1,000 cranes.  She was amazing, my kind of girl.  She loved crafting of every kind and totally got it.  Her brain worked like mine.  I only spent a couple of weekends with her because her father worked at the same facility I did at the time.  I wanted to take her home and transfer all of the crafting knowledge I had and watch her run with it.  Didn’t happen.  Oh, well.

Back to the cranes.  I figured if a 10 year old had folded 1,000 cranes I could do it and it was really a cheap little project.  By February of  2012 I had folded over 600 cranes.  The project was derailed when my father had a stroke and I spent a few months getting him (and me) settled into a different life.  Last week I found a box with these cranes in it and the remaining paper.  I took it to the table and started to fold.  It’s amazing that after months away from paper folding my hands remembered exactly what to do.  I find doing this to be very meditative.  It is calming and I can think about things as my hands are doing their work.  I think that really is the point of folding cranes, the meditation, even though the idea is to bring good luck to the house that has them.

So I decided to move my 2012 resolution to the  bucket list.  This way there is pressure to finish them but not within a certain amount of time (well, there is a finite amount of time).  The thing is I can see myself folding another thousand once these are done.

One thought on “Folding Cranes

  1. Our daughter works at a center that helps Asian American women dealing with domestic violence. Last year their office folded the 1000 paper cranes for their women. I can imagine the meditative side of it.. the cool of the paper as your fingers slide along making the crease.The automaticity of the motions. I’ll bet it’s a wonderful way to quietly enjoy watching a hushed snowfall in the middle of the winter. Thanks for sharing…

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