Bitter, Bitter Cold

130116 (6)


I have to admit I took this photograph a few weeks ago when there was less snow and was warm enough to walk out to the back forty.  This past weekend it was so cold the farthest I ventured was the doorway of the shed.  There is still a lot of snow with a crust of ice on the top of it so I wasn’t that interested in snowshoeing.  The dogs didn’t even stay outdoors for long.  Chester made his usual rounds to see what was up with his peeps on either side of us but he spent most of his time in front of the fireplace.

Yesterday the wind was howling and it got up to 17 degrees.  Mid afternoon with the wind chill is was -4.  By last night they were saying -18.  There’s a big difference between having the temperature below zero on a still, cloudless evening and when it’s there because you are having 30 mile per hour winds.  I rather like those still evenings with the snow crunching beneath your feet and it’s so quiet you can hear your electric meter running.  With yesterday’s wind you couldn’t cover up enough.

This is when I start thinking “enough”, I’m ready for spring.  The seed order will be placed this week and I will plot out the garden on graph paper (a few more times).  Sometimes just thinking about the garden makes it feel like spring is almost here!

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