Calm before the Storm

Plow in Back Forty


Anyone who lives outside of the New England I’m sure has no idea there is a life altering event about to descend upon us.  Snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, call it what you will but the entire region is abuzz with anticipation of the upcoming Nor’easter.  The weather projections look pretty impressive.  I went to the local farm to get milk this morning, farmer Smyth told me that his two farmers markets had cancelled for this weekend.  These are the only two he has this time of year so that means his largest source of income is gone for the week.  I filled my tank with gas – no one was at the station when I went which I thought was odd.

What I really think is happening is the media has cried wolf so many times that the population of CT just ignores them. We’ve had some pretty mild winter weather for the past two years so people think it’ll probably blow over.  The grocery stores will be packed today with everyone buying their milk and bread.  The gsa stations will be jammed from around 4:00 on with commuters stopping for their fill on their way home.  By the 11:00 news tonight you will start to see school cancellations coming in.  Tomorrow morning it will just be a few little flurries so people will think they’ll just drive to work and leave early.  Of course they think that their all weather tires are the only way to go until they are driving in 6+ inches of snow.  Did I mention that people in CT don’t know how to drive in the snow?  Or that it appears they believe that when it snows you do not have to obey the rules of the road including stopping at red lights.  As my brother always said, “More idiots than ice.”  Seems to hold true every storm.

So here’s my quandary – stay in Enfield and ride it out or drive to Rowe in the early a.m. and watch it happen there.  I could rebind my snowshoes in eager anticipation of Sunday with mounds of new snow.  The dogs could just run around in it instead of me taking them out on leashes.  I could park my car in the garage and wait to get plowed out.  Could knit, hook, read a good book.  I’m sure I will be without internet and tv since both are on satellite but who cares?  Doesn’t seem like it should be a difficult decision does it?  We’ll see how it all falls out.


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