Brrrrrr . . .

120719 (8)


This photograph was taken on July 19, 2012.  It was a hot, humid day and I was spending it moving this pot of flowers around to keep it in the shade.  It was too hot to plant it in the new perennial garden until the sun went down so I just kept moving it and watering.  The bees loved it.  They would follow it on its trips around the yard.

Don’t get me wrong I like winter.  I love it when it is so cold out the snow crunches under your feet.  I love the winter activities.  I love having fires both inside and out (burn season started the 15th).  What I don’t like is the temperature dropping to 8 degrees and the wind blowing that fine snow in 30 mph gusts.  Not fun.  You can’t even dress for that.

So today I’ll look through my photographs of gardens past and peruse the seed catalogs one more time and dream about it being May.

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