Chasing Balls in the Snow

Ball in Snow (1)

There is a lot of snow in Rowe, even with the January thaw we’ve been having.  Chester has had to retool his tennis ball games because of it.  His new game is to hunt for the ball once it disappears into the snowy white unknown.  When we toss the ball he keeps his eyes on where he thinks it’s going to land and runs out to find it.

Ball in Snow (2)

He will root around in the snow until he comes up with the ball.

Ball in Snow (4)

Then he gleefully returns it and waits for the next toss.  He never tires of this game.  I’ve seen him go outdoors by himself with a tennis ball, drop it into a snowbank and dig and dig until he “finds” it. If he loses a ball he will stay out looking for it for hours and will not take a new ball.  You throw him another one and he ignores it.

Bill may have changed the game a little for him yesterday by accident.  He was tossing the ball  and with his last toss it landed in the snow on top of the garage roof.  Chester looked for that ball for a good 3 hours.  Bill tried the substitution but it was a no go.  That dog actually came into the house to warm up and went out again to look for that ball.  Poor Chester.  It looks like an OCD to me.

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