Bunny Tracks


There is a lot of snow in Rowe.  Bill plows out paths all over the property with the tractor.  I think he does it for something to do more than anything else.  This morning when I went out with the dogs there were rabbit tracks everywhere.  I started following some of their little trails around and found it amusing that they use Bill’s plowed out roads more than anything else.  They will go over the banks to get under something but it appears they’ve turned Bill’s roads into quite the highway.

I love seeing their tracks everywhere, I rarely see one in the winter.  It makes me feel a little more secure about have the little dogs running around everywhere, especially in the evening.  There were a number of years when we had coyotes in the back forty almost every night.  There wasn’t a small critter to be found anywhere on that property.  We found the carnage of a deer kill over the bank near the new perennial garden one spring as well.  Friends lost their cats.  They are quite scary, especially when you know they are there, you hear them but you never see them.

About two years ago I stopped hearing them barking at night.  Then the critters started coming back.  The rabbits are new to us here.  As long as I can remember there were never rabbits in the back behind the barn.  Now you see them when you drive in the driveway or go out early in the morning with your coffee and in the winter you see evidence of them everywhere.

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