It’s the Process

Twill Towels (2)

I spent the better part of 4 hours weaving last night.  I am half way through towel #2 of 4 that have been warped. They are a twill design which shows up fairly well in the photograph with a colored stripe design that is simple to do yet quite pretty.  This is substantial cloth, I can’t wait to use them.

This type of project is very meditative for me.  The draft is simple so after an initial start up the weaving action becomes automatic.  It allows me to think.

Christmas Eve is our family celebration, it has been this way for many, many years.  It is 6 days away.  I am not even remotely ready.  I’m mostly not ready in my head.

This week has been one of the most depressing weeks I can remember.  I’ve tried to stay away from most media because they just can’t seem to stay away from the shooting in Newtown.  If it’s not that it’s someone screaming the gun control debate in your ear or how we’re falling off the fiscal cliff. It saddens me that there is no one in our government that can see beyond their next election.  Our rights are being taken away from us at an alarming rate.  Civil rights or copyrights, I know in the back of my head this can only get worse.  The internet is such an ugly place.  There are moments of brilliance but I have to say that not being connected is sounding better all the time.

So I weave.  I knit.  I hook rugs.  I get out of my head with the use of my hands.  My projects are becoming increasingly complex, I have to think about the process instead of what is going on around me.  When my little projects are done I usually give them away and people are amazed.  They don’t understand that it’s the process not the product.

One thought on “It’s the Process

  1. wow… I love it… and sooo envious of your loom, amazing. I agree I had to switch the news off in dispare this week…. crafting and creating I think helps us remember that we can create good things in this world….
    I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas

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