Hearts Bleeding



There is so much noise going on over the shooting in CT that I have had to stay off of the internet for the most part and turned tv off altogether.  I’ve just returned from breakfast with my younger daughter.  The restaurant was packed so we sat at the bar.  There was a giant tv overhead with the news on with closed captioning.  I watched for a minute.  NBC news with continued coverage of the Newtown shooting.  Seriously?  Continued coverage?

My heart goes out to the people of Newtown.  I just want to scream at the media to leave them alone and let them begin to heal.  I read an article in the NY Times this morning where they had 8 reporters covering this event for one article.  The madness on so many levels in that town is unbelievable to me.

What have we become?  Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm mentioned the celebrity we give tragedy. “It is news the first time you hear it, sadness and silence.  It becomes pornography for the fearful shortly thereafter”.  How can we not think that sensationalizing this type of thing does not make it worse?  

The internet and all other forms of “communication” are so good in some ways but in others they are so evil.  I’m not sure we need a debate of any kind about anything right now and being on any social media just begs you to jump on board.

I will spend my weekend with good friends and family and I’m sure discussions will be had but I will be with people I love, in a place that is quiet and peaceful.  I will walk outdoors with my dogs and smell the fresh air.  I will think about how fortunate I am in what I have and send my thoughts to the parents of those children because they have just experienced a life altering loss that I can’t even begin to imagine.

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