Craft ADD


Ok, I admit it, I have a crafting problem.  Isn’t the beginning of a recovery admitting you have a problem?

Currently I am knitting socks, weaving towels and working on 2 rug hooking projects at the same time (one in the planning phase).  The weaving project(s) are the same but one loom is at my class studio in Brimfield, the other is waiting to go onto the loom in Rowe.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and all I can think about is where am I going to get that green color wool I need for the tree tops in that rug or I’ll go to class early and finish the warp so I can weave the rest of the night or if I just sit and knit for a couple of hours I can finish this sock and knit the other by Christmas.

In the back of my head I’m thinking – if I clean out that room upstairs we can gut and redo it.  I’ll put in that shelving that I need to get my fabric stash out in the open and start sewing all of those quilts that I have so much fabric for.  All of my tools and equipment will be in the same place to look at and think about what other projects I want to do.  My teddy bears can have more friends because all the mohair will be put in a place where I can see it and be next to a sewing machine (or two)!

I go out in the back forty and see all sorts of scrap metal things that would make great garden sculpture, maybe I should take a welding class.  If not I’ll just spend the afternoon photographing it.

I have a serious problem, but I’m fortunate to know a lot of people that have the same one and on Tuesday or Thursday nights we sit behind our looms in class and talk about what our next project is going to be.

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