Over the past week we have had the floors refinished in the
living room and the kitchen.
Mike Chattin and his son Max came in last Sunday and began
with repairs.  The stack of wood you see in the photo
above was cut out of the library floor (which will eventually be
replaced). We moved the rug, cut wood out and replaced it with
a piece of plywood.  Once the rug was back no one was the wiser.
After repairs to the hole in the floor were made from the cellar Mike
removed the remaining floorboards in a staggered fashion.
The boards were replaced.

While Mike patched Max sanded a previous patch to see if the wood matched
or if they would have to replace some of the boards there as well.

Another patch made in the middle of the floor. 

The floor before sanding.  The light spot is from my father’s shoes
when he sat on the sofa.
Bill decided we should do the kitchen floor at the same time.

No repairs were needed in here. We told Mike to just sand and poly.

More “before” photos of the kitchen.
A little blurry but I thought Buddy looked funny peaking around the corner.
He knows somethings up.
After talking to Mike on Friday we arrived Saturday to this.
Beautiful maple flooring with a cherry threshold going into the library.
A large burn mark in the floor in front of the fireplace that we didn’t
know was there.  Adds character – we can make up stories about that mark.
And the kitchen . . .

Beautiful oak with walnut plugs.  My Dad put this floor in when
I was in high school (many years ago).  I remember putting those
plugs in.
The change (improvement) is just amazing.  And to really
appreciate it you have to walk on it with your bare feet.
The one thing no one warned me about was what a HUGE mess
this would make.  I was thinking demo/drywall mess.  Think 100% worse.

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