Warm weather and birds

No photographs this week. Was abnormally
warm for the 1st of March. The sort of
weather that puts you in a little panic about planting your
garden – so much to do and nothing is ready yet. Then
you realize that if you were planting everything this past
weekend we’d probably have snow next week, so it can wait.
My favorite part of the first warm weather days is sleeping with
my bedroom window open. You never know what sort of wildlife
things you will hear. And I love waking up to the birds in the wee
hours. I awoke about 5:30 on Sunday morning and listened and then
I think I woke up Bill and said “Where are all the birds?”
From childhood on there were sooo many birds making noise in
the morning that you didn’t have to wake up to hear them – they woke you
up. This year there were a few but not the usual cacophony that
I’m used to hearing. I am deeply saddened by the state of my
little piece of earth. I am sad that people don’t have any idea of what
is going away. I’m blessed to have such a quiet retreat in the hills away from
the traffic and people but it appears to be sneaking its way into every
little thing. Sad, sad, sad and I really miss the birds.

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