Priming, Cleanup and a Little Gardening

Paul priming the ceiling June 28th. The next day they

cleaned the whole room out and replaced the plastic

drop cloth. Then a finish coat was put on the ceiling. The

walls were primed as well.

Bill’s looking a little happier about the whole project.

This is what I did all day Saturday – a garden restoration project.

After years of mowing the lawn with no edging the whole

thing needed to be dug up. Now I have to move some

bulbs and plant some new things (always my favorite part).
Another view.

These are my tomatoes and peppers – not bad for an impromptu

spot. They like it there and it’s pretty well protected

from the hail storms we’ve been getting.

This is the resting spot this year. We love Dad’s adirondack

chairs and the garden is pretty nice as well.

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