Weaving Wednesday 13

130812 Weaving (2)

I managed to warp the loom this past Saturday and wove some on Sunday and a little on Monday.  After splitting wood I was less than enthusiastic, I really just wanted a nap.

This has a tencel warp with a verigated wool sock yarn for the weft.  It is really quite lovely – the tabby warp in tencel looks like little glass beads when the light hits it just right.  Speaking of warping and weaving I made another mistake threading – can you see it?  I didn’t until I’d woven about 6″ – and that was my point of no return.  It is what it is.  I don’t find it glaring and it wouldn’t stop me from wearing it.  Another exercise.

I have 10 days to finish this.  Barring any unforeseen crisis I shouldn’t have a problem doing it.  It’s nice to be weaving a more complicated draft.  I really love doing overshot.  It reminds me of knitting an Aran pattern in a way.  You have to knit many rows before the pattern appears, then it keeps you interested.  Once you’ve repeated the pattern 5 or 6 times the piece you’re knitting is done.  This does much the same thing, by the time you are in a rhythm with the treddling the piece is nearing completion.

When this is done I will probably weave another wool overshot throw, then I have a striped twill throw in mind.  Christmas is coming.

130812 Weaving (1)


Weaving Wednesday 11

130706 Keith's Scarf


I was a mad weaver last week.  This piece started out as an experiment in sett really.  I had a draft but wanted to use something other than what it called for, because I didn’t have access to the required materials and I just HAD to weave SOMETHING.

The warp is a Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine which is a  wool/alpaca/nylon blend, the color – Potting Soil Mix.  The weft is Berroco’s alpaca in red.  The pattern is an overshot called Orange Peel.  The name alone made me want to weave it in orange.

I am proud to say that this project went off without a hitch – from warping to finishing.  It also happened in 5 days.

We were going to a nephew’s 30th birthday party on the 6th (yes, I am that old) and I needed a gift.  After asking Bill if he would wear it (no, he can’t put anything around his neck), I decided to give myself that deadline.  The biggest problem I ran into was finishing.  Living in a house with no air conditioning in the middle of a humid heat wave is not conducive to air drying a 72″ wool scarf.  I confess to putting it in the dryer on air for a half an hour without adverse results.  I also didn’t realize how hot I would be twisting fringe.  The results were worth it.

This piece is yummy – so soft and warm.  I’m sure it will get used in San Francisco.  I was a little sad to see it go but had woven it with the recipient in mind, those are always the best projects.

Now I have to admit that I’m just a little on edge because there is nothing on my loom right at the moment.  I have a number of choices right now but I think I will weave a gamp of Harrisville wool that I just purchased.  I figured Harrisville was the way for me to go because I love the way their wool is spun and dyed.  So 18 colors, 72 inches – I can’t wait to get it started!  On the other hand if this heat keeps up maybe I should consider making something in cotton.

Weaving Wednesday 10

130616 Orange Peel ScarfI finished the cotton towels I was weaving in Rowe on Saturday and was desperate to warp a new project. I decided on an overshot scarf in the Orange Peel pattern.  The warp is fairly short and only has 146 ends.  I was not ready to do a huge warp for another throw just yet so I made a little trip to Metaphor Yarns in Shelburne. They have some really beautiful yarn – really beautiful.  I was looking at a draft before I left that used tencel as the warp with sock yarn as the weft.  After poking around the store I found some fingering weight alpaca blend and figured I would change the sett if I had to (pretending I actually understand what I’m doing well enough to do that).  The warp color is called potting soil and it’s lovely.  I chose a red alpaca worsted for the weft.

Sunday morning I was on fire – I warped that loom in record time and am proud to say not one mistake – woohoo!  I like the way this overshot pattern is going.  The scarf will be 70″ in length with a twisted fringe on either end (since I know how to do that now).  The fabric is fine and will have a nice drape.  Best of all , it will be warm!

This is when I truly am thankful for the lessons learned this past year in my weaving class at Firewatch Weavers.  I am able to plan out my project. I know how much fiber and of what weight I will need to create what I have envisioned in my head.  I know how to read the draft no matter how it’s written because truth be told not all drafts are created equal.

It is amazing to me that I can follow these steps – by myself – and have results like this.  The problem I have now is this is what I spend my days dreaming about – sitting at that loom and throwing a shuttle (or two).