Shoot and Share

140117 Coneflower FrostThe light this morning was beautiful when I took the dogs out for their morning constitutional.  There was some fog diffusing the sun long enough to keep the frost on the grass and flowers gone by in the garden.  I think I look forward to these moments but the reality is I don’t realize what I’ve got until I’m in the midst of it.  Once outdoors I knew I needed a camera of some sort so I abandoned the dogs to run in the house.  Much to my delight they were where I left them when I returned (they have a habit of “wandering”).

As I walked around the garden I was struck by what a lonely process creativity can be.  Sure, I share my images but I do not take them unless I am by myself (or in the company of dogs).  I need to concentrate, to really see what it is I’m looking at. If someone had been in the yard with me I never would have noticed how beautiful the light was.  It takes solitude for me to see.  Interesting.

I read grumblings about people not paying attention to their lives when they have their cameras (of whatever kind) in theirs hands.  Speaking for myself I can say that when I have a camera in my hand I pay special attention to everything around me, looking for that one thing that perhaps others would never notice.  I capture it for myself but once seen I share.  If I didn’t have a camera available to me all the time just think of how much we’d miss!