For the Love of a Farm

Note from Olive


I the fall of 2008 I received a call from Alan Bjork, curator of the Rowe Historical Society, about 2 photo albums  he had received with photographs of Forth Pelham Farm.   Someone had taken them when Olive Wright died in a nursing home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Olive had no heirs of any kind so one can only imagine her belongings upon her death were headed for a dumpster somewhere.  The note above was in one of the pages of one of the albums and someone was kind enough to grant her wish that these albums return to Rowe.

Alan let me borrow the albums for a couple of days during which time I scanned all of the photographs and information in both albums.  It was so obvious how much Olive loved the property in Rowe.  There are numerous photographs that she took the time to write information on.  There are brochures from when it was a B&B of sorts.  There are notes and poems sent from lodgers, a newspaper clipping of the listing of the property with the date.

Fort Pelham Farm Late 1800's Front


Fort Pelham Farm Late 1800's Back


The images above are the front and back of an 8 X 10 photograph mounted on fiberboard the was in the beginning of one of the albums. Olive inscribed the back of the photo with the history of the property.  She took such pride in the history.

Today the maple trees in the front of the house are no longer there.  There were four of them when we moved there in 1967, the last one came down in a summer storm in 1999.  The well is now surrounded by stone instead of wood. Other than that everything looks much the same, at least from this angle.

I’d like to think that Olive would be pleased with what has happened to Fort Pelham Farm in the past few decades.  I think she might be most pleased having a distant family member in the house.

One Fine Property

May of 1967 was the year my parents bought the property but my mother

had been making us drive by it every Sunday for years.  She loved this house.

I’m thinking she had no idea what a money pit the place truly was.

The main house was built in 1800 with some speculation that part of

the ell was built in the late 1700’s by Dr. Pardon Haynes.  Dr. Haynes had

become the town physician in 1788.  He married Hannah Holloway in 1790

in Conway, MA. This is the Town of Rowe record of his marriage.

This property stayed in the family for many generations – until 1941.  I’ll be

exploring this family and how it lived at Middletown Hill Rd.

for almost 150 years  as well as some day to day goings on.