A Side Note on Shared Experience

640701 Ticonderoga (3)


I had to post this, especially after the Nature vs. Nurture thing.  This is one of the experiences that is mentioned to me the most by my father (and probably sister and brother as well).  My father thinks it’s funny that Sue thought we were going to fire her out of the cannon.  As you can see she doesn’t look thrilled.  This was taken at Fort Ticonderoga around the first of July 1964.  Forts were another of the “must see” on our family vacations.  What I remember is the cannon was HOT.  “Let’s sit the kids on the cannon in the midday July sun”.  Probably had third degree burns but never complained.

It’s amazing how this one event has been talked about for almost 50 years – by all of us.  These are the things that make us who we are.